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How Can You Benefit From Hiring an Intersection Accident Injury Attorney in Jerome, ID?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, around 2.5 million intersection accidents occur each year. Some intersections are deadlier than others but all pose a risk, especially if drivers do not heed the rules of the road. Those who have become victims of an accident need to be aware of their rights to hire an Intersection Accident Injury Attorney in Jerome ID. With the help of an attorney, the pursuit of justice and compensation are much easier for victims.

Accidents occur at dangerous intersections almost every minute of every day. When serious injuries result, it is important a victim seeks help from an Intersection Accident Injury Attorney in Jerome ID. Often, intersection accidents involve more than one vehicle, so it can be difficult for a victim to know which driver to pursue. An attorney will help their client determine who is at fault and what type of pursuit needs to be carried out.

An intersection car accident can lead to these injuries.

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Internal injuries

When serious injuries arise and medical bills are mounting, it can be stressful. Insurance claims are one of the most difficult aspects of recovering compensation because adjusters can be unfair in their approaches to settlement. The insurance adjuster will sometimes refuse to pay a claim and even try to place the blame for the accident on the victim.

Hiring an attorney simply allows a victim to have the advocate they need for pursuing a claim successfully. If the attorney feels their client’s rights are being infringed upon or the insurance adjuster is not willing to settle fairly, a pursuit in court may be needed.

The law is on the side of victims, and they hold certain rights that protect them while they recover and attempt to pursue the one who caused the injuries and damages. If you have become the victim of a serious auto accident and are in need of help from an attorney, call the office right away. You can get more information when you visit the attorney in a consultation meeting. They will help you through each stage of pursuing compensation.

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