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How An Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

It can be scary when you are injured in an auto accident. Your first priority is to make sure you and the occupants of the vehicles in involved receive medical attention. When an injury is sustained due to someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to be reimbursed for medical expenses, lost wages, and compensated for pain and suffering. An auto accident lawyer in Hunterdon County may be able to help you recover the money for you.

Whether your accident is a low-impact collision or a major accident you should hire an auto accident lawyer in Hunterdon County to file your lawsuit because many times an insurance company will not pay an auto accident claim.

Accident Report

At the time of the accident, an ambulance should be requested for anyone who is injured. The police should also be called to create an accident report. The police accident report is the official record of the event and will also contain any statements from witnesses. The report will also contain the insurance company’s information. Many states require an accident report if property damage is over a specific amount, if there is a death or injury or if a vehicle has to be towed.

Why File a Lawsuit

After a claim is filed with the insurance company, the insurance company will attempt to settle. Many times, the amount of the suggested settlement is not enough to compensate you for the injuries, lost wages, and suffering. The lawyers will attempt to negotiate an appropriate settlement, but when they cannot come to an agreement, then a lawsuit is filed.

You should always talk to your lawyer about whether to accept the amount offered by the insurance company or go forward with a lawsuit. Your lawyer may think that your chances of winning a higher award in court than what is being offered.

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