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In Connecticut, bail bondsmen provide the option to post bail through the purchase of a bail bond. Criminal defendants who don’t have the financial means to pay their full bail value can use the bail bonds and get released from the county jail. A 24 hour bail bondsman in Stamford CT can explain the process to the defendants.

Collecting Vital Information

The representative for the defendant must collect specific information about the defendant to secure the bail bond. If the representative knows the defendant’s name and date of birth, he or she can contact the criminal clerk’s office to acquire the booking number and the bail value.

Making Payment Arrangements

The defendant has the right to submit their payment if the county jail allows access to their personal effects. If not, the representative can provide the payment as cash, credit, or a check. The value of the bail bond is calculated by the bail bondsman. The value is between ten and fourteen percent of the total bail value.

If Defendants Use Collateral

If the defendant uses collateral, the defendant or the representative must sign a document that reverts ownership of the asset under certain conditions. If the defendant doesn’t appear in court, the bail bondsman is within their rights to seize the property as payment for the full bail value. The most common forms of collateral are real estate, automobiles, and jewelry.

What Happens After the Payment is Made

After the payment for the bail bond is provided, the bail bondsman visits the judge to get the necessary signatures. The bail bondsman brings the release documents to the county jail and arranges for the defendant’s release. The correctional officers explain the terms of the release to the defendant and what happens if the defendant violates the terms.

In Connecticut, bail bonds are available at a lower percentage of the bail value. When purchasing a bail bond, a criminal defendant must provide a direct payment or offer collateral. Bail bondsmen explain the exact terms of the bail bond and repercussions of failing to appear in court. Criminal defendants that need a 24 Hour Bail Bondsman in Stamford CT are encouraged to contact Website Domain right now.

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