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Hiring Criminal Lawyers in Brockton Can Result in a Better Outcome

Staying on the outside of the prison bars can depend on what lawyer is hired. The choice of criminal lawyers in Brockton should be based on their experience with your type of charges. If the criminal charge is for drunk driving, domestic violence or assault and battery, someone should interview the attorney and inquire about the results of other cases they’ve represented with the same or similar charges as yours. An attorney will be with a client from a bond or preliminary hearing to the final resolution of the case, and they will review the evidence and determine if they should negotiate with the prosecutor’s office or take the case to trial.

Domestic violence is a common problem during a divorce. A vigorous defense must be designed to these charges, so personal representation is not recommended. A call to criminal lawyers in Brockton should occur as quickly as possible after an arrest. Legal rights can be lost to ownership or possession of a firearm, which could jeopardize custody of minor children. It could result in a civil order prohibiting someone from certain places or contacting another individual. Security clearances for employment could also be removed if a conviction for this type of crime occurs.

Drunken driving charges must be diligently addressed by a lawyer, as there are criminal charges and administrative charges someone can face. Administrative charges for a first offense is a 30-day license suspension and fines ranging from $50 up to well over $1,000. Criminal penalties could be a license suspension for one year, a fine up to $5,000 and possible jail time; also, the person may be required to go to an alcohol education program. Second offenses will result is stiffer penalties and fines for both administrative and criminal charges. The negotiation and knowledge of an attorney could help reduce the penalties an individual receives.

Whether criminal charges involve serious jail time or minimal jail time should still be of concern for someone that’s been arrested. A conviction for a criminal charge will remain on their record permanently, which could hamper someone from maintaining or even obtaining employment. The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC will fight for each and every one of their clients for the best outcome to any type of criminal case.

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