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People don’t generally marry with the idea they can always get a divorce if things don’t work out. The more-likely scenario is that they plan to remain together the rest of their lives. When happily ever after turns out to be anything but the case, it may be time to seriously consider the idea of ending the marriage. Here are some signs that seeking the services of a Divorce Lawyer in Green Bay WI is the right thing to do.

The Couple Has Grown Apart

Over the years, the nature of the relationship has changed. While there is still a great deal of fondness between the two parties, it’s more of a friendship than a marriage. Both parties still care for one another, but they want something more than a roommate situation. Talking with a Divorce Lawyer in Green Bay WI is the best way to handle an amicable divorce that allows the two to remain friends and be free to entertain the idea of finding someone else to build a life with.

Counseling Doesn’t Help

The couple has had problems for some time now. Even though both parties entered counseling with high hopes those obstacles could be overcome, that hasn’t happened. In fact, things are no better now than they were this time last year. Since it’s obvious that ending the marriage is the only practical thing to do, hiring a lawyer and filing for divorce is the next step.

The Marriage is Abusive

Whatever form the abuse may take, no one should have to live in those circumstances. Before it gets to the point that the abused spouse begins to think that the treatment is deserved, it’s time to take action. Once the marriage is over and the individual has a chance to heal from what has transpired, life will look a whole lot better.

When salvaging the union is not possible, there’s no point in staying together. Contact the team at Brabazon Law Office LLC today and arrange to meet with an attorney. The legal counsel will know which grounds for divorce are right for the situation and what must be done to protect the interests of the client during the proceedings.

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