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Filing An Annulment Through A Family Law Attorney In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, married couples could achieve an annulment based on the circumstances of their marriage. The laws outline the exact reasons for an annulment and how a petition is filed. A Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN explains all requirements for the case and determines eligibility for the petitioner.

Why are Annulments Granted?

Annulments are granted if either party was underage at the time of the marriage. In Minnesota, minors are allowed to marry at the age of sixteen. However, the individual must have the consent of the parent. A marriage is nullified if the parent didn’t provide consent or if either party lied about their age.

Impotence, fraud, and coercion are also grounds for an annulment. If the husband didn’t disclose his condition prior to the marriage, the wife has the legal right to file for an annulment due to a failure to disclose the information. Any marriage that was the result of fraud, coercion or threats is eligible for an annulment provided that evidence is available to substantial the claim.

What Happens After the Annulment?

After the annulment is granted, all records of the marriage are sealed and will not appear on any records for either party. It is as if the marriage never took place. However, each party is required to disclose that their marriage ended in an annulment when they remarry.

Does Either Party have Rights to Assets?

No, once the marriage is nullified, the parties have a legal claim on assets and properties in their name only. The parties will not divide any marital properties. Neither party has the legal right to seek alimony or any type of support through the annulment. Each party leaves with exactly the same assets they had prior to the marriage.

In Minnesota, couples have the right to file for an annulment under certain circumstances. The laws define exact reasons in which either party is eligible for the proceedings. The most common reasons are the age of either party, impotence, an existing marriage, and fraud. Parents can also file a motion if their underage child married without their consent. Petitioners who need help contact a Family Law Attorney in Rochester MN or Browse the Site right now.

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