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Estate Tax Planning in Beaver Dam, WI

When a person makes plans for their assets or their estate after they pass away, there is a certain level of Tax Planning in Beaver Dam WI that is entailed in this type of estate planning. In most instances, a standard estate or even a wealthy person’s estate can benefit from planning ahead as it relates to taxes.

Standard Estates

For a standard estate, one that is valued under $5 million, tax planning may mean making sure that there are no extenuating tax issues left for the decedent’s beneficiaries to have to contend with. In order to lessen the tax burden of the estate, a person can begin to divvy up their assets before they die and gift them to beneficiaries, thus reducing any potential tax burden that a person may have to face. In addition, tying up liquid assets into life insurance policies that name different beneficiaries is helpful because life insurance policies are not subject to any sort of inheritance or estate tax.

Living Trusts

For wealthy individuals, the devising of a living trust is the best option. Because inheritance taxes are levied against estates worth over $5 million, the taxes that beneficiaries may have to pay, or the amount of inheritance they receive, can be great reduced because of inheritance taxes. Establishing a living trust avoids avoids inheritance taxes.

What is a Trust

A living trust is a document that a person creates, with the help of a lawyer that understands Tax Planning in Beaver Dam WI, which transfers their assets to an executor. However, these assets are still used by the estate owner such as what would be needed to pay bills, purchase clothes, take vacations and the list goes on and on.


What this does is it helps eliminate the inheritance tax as the decedent technically does not own anything. In addition, any assets that are going to be transferred from the estate owner to a beneficiary as stated in a person’s last will and testament can be carried out much quicker.

All of these things can be quite confusing, which is why legal services from QBS Law S.C. are so important. This legal team can help you understand your financial situation and plan your estate’s tax obligations in order to minimize those as much as possible. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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