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Ending a Marriage Is Easier with Divorce Lawyers in Temecula

When a marriage is on shaky ground, the parties need to do all they can to save their relationship, especially if young children are involved. Unfortunately, marriages are not always repairable, and divorces must be pursued. Those who need to seek divorce would be wise to work with the divorce lawyers in Temecula.

California Divorce Laws

Just like every state in the Union, California has its own divorce laws that must be followed when a couple wants to end their marriage. Since the vast majority of individuals are unaware of the ever-changing laws, it is crucial for individuals to seek counsel from the divorce lawyers in Temecula.

To pursue a divorce, individuals must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Summons. This summons is filed with the Superior Court in the county the couple or individual resides in. To qualify for filing this petition and summons, individuals must meet the following requirements:

• The residency requirement must be met. This means the petitioner must have lived in the county for at least three months prior to filing.

• The couple must not have been married for more than five years on the date of filing the petition and summons.

• The couple cannot have any children, adopted or otherwise, and the wife cannot be pregnant.

• The couple cannot own any real estate.

• The couple must sign a property dispersal agreement.

• The couple must agree neither spouse will pay spousal support.

This streamlined approach allows individuals to file their petition and then wait six months. Once this waiting period is over, the marriage will have legally ended. If children are involved or the marriage has been a lengthy one, this streamlined approach to divorce is not offered.

Lawyers Make the Divorce Process Easier

Going through a divorce is never easy, no matter the circumstances. Those who need to pursue the legal end of their marriage should click here and visit

A lawyer will help you through the process so you can overcome the obstacles that can often arise in a divorce process. Call today if you have any questions. Contact the Law Office of Michelle Penna and ask for a consultation meeting to get started.

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