Do You Need to Consult with a Job Injury Law Attorney in Casper, WY?

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Lawyers

Have you been injured on the job? Has the injury caused you to miss work or burdened you financially? If so, you need to contact an attorney now to review your injury so you can receive the compensation you deserve.

Who Is Exempt?

By consulting a job injury law attorney in Casper, WY, you can make sure that you receive the coverage you need for worker’s compensation. In the state of Wyoming, most employers must carry workers’ compensation coverage to protect their employees. However, some employees are exempt, such as people working as federal employees or applying their skills in domestic jobs or on farms.

What Is Covered?

When you talk to a job injury law attorney, he or she will review what is generally covered. For example, injuries on the job are covered by worker’s compensation, as are occupational diseases – both of which arise during employment. Mental injuries are not covered unless they result from a physical injury that can be compensated.

Types of Compensation

Wyoming workers’ compensation law allows for benefits in the form of wage replacement, medical treatment costs, and vocational rehabilitation needs. By talking to a job injury law attorney, you can review these benefits in more detail. Medical treatment costs must be reasonable and necessary.

If you cannot return to your former job as the result of your injury, you can opt for vocational rehabilitation to help you transition into a new career. Also, if a loved one died from a workplace injury or work-related disease, you may be entitled to receive death benefits.

Initiate a Claim – Make a Call Today

Make sure you work with a lawyer to initiate a claim, as he or she can assist you if your claim is denied. Contact us today for further information about your worker’s compensation rights. The sooner you schedule an appointment, the easier it will be for you to move forward with treatments or care.

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