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Contact Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield, MA, About Workplace Harassment

Whether you’re being harassed by a co-worker or a superior, being at work can become very uncomfortable as a result. Harassment in the workplace, especially sexual harassment, is against both federal and state law. If you report it and nothing is done or the harassment continues, you may be able to sue your employer.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

There are two types of sexual harassment recognized under Massachusetts law: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment harassment.

Quid Pro Quo Harassment

This type of sexual harassment occurs when sexual advances, physical or verbal contact of a sexual nature, or sexual requests are made and tied to an explicit or implied condition of employment or promotional opportunities. As sexual harassment lawyers in Springfield, MA, will advise you, the employee must be able to prove the following:

  • Someone in the workplace made sexual requests or advances or engaged in other conduct of sexual nature.
  • The conduct was unwelcome.
  • The requests, advances, or conduct was rejected.
  • Terms or conditions of employment were adversely affected by rejections.
  • If there was submission to the conduct, it was only because the complainant feared their job would be adversely affected by rejection.

Hostile Work Environment

When sexual requests, advances, or conduct is engaged in and adversely affects the work performance of the victim or is otherwise intimidating, humiliating, or found sexually offensive, it can create a hostile work environment. As sexual harassment lawyers can tell you, a complainant must prove the following:

  • They were subjected to conduct of a sexual nature.
  • The conduct was unwelcome.
  • The conduct created a hostile, intimidating, humiliating, or offensive work environment.
  • The conduct interfered with their work performance or changed the terms and conditions of their employment.

If you complained about sexual harassment and were ignored or terminated, contact Connor Morneau & Olin LLP to get help from one of their sexual harassment lawyers.

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