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Every child is entitled to financial support from both of his or her parents. Each state has the formula to calculate the amount each parent should contribute to the support of their children. In the majority of cases, this formula is appropriate. However, some families have unique financial situations and need the family courts to modify the amount the noncustodial parent pays to the other parent to make the support order fair. In these instances, a family law attorney in Mesa, AZ may be able to help.

Noncustodial parents who work, supply medical insurance, and pay the children’s school tuition may be burdened by also paying cash to the other parent. Some parents opt to pay their children’s expenses in order to avoid giving cash to their ex, but the court’s formula considers those payments as gifts, and without an experienced family law attorney in Mesa, AZ, noncustodial parents might pay more than their fair share.

Noncustodial parents sometimes worry that the money they pay through the child support system will not be used for its intended purpose. However, noncustodial parents have to trust their children’s other parent will do the best they can with the financial support they receive. The law firm of Janet R. Feeley L.L.C. helps parents petition the courts to ensure the amount they pay is accurate and in the best interest of everyone involved. The state does not require them to account for the child support money they receive, and they can use it to pay household bills or for expenses specific to the children. In general, this is not money that is given to kids to spend on their own extracurricular activities or to purchase their own clothing.

Parents who, with the help of their family law attorney in Mesa, AZ, work together to give their children the best possible life, do not often argue about child support matters. This could be a sensitive matter when a family separates, so those who need help sorting it out can visit the website to learn more or to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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