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Car Accident Lawyers in Huntington WV Represents Clients Suffering From Whiplash Injuries

Someone who has been seriously injured in a vehicle accident may wonder what the average financial compensation is from an at-fault driver’s insurance company in similar cases. This is virtually impossible to estimate correctly in a way that will provide helpful information. Instead, a better option is to schedule a free consultation with Car Accident Lawyers Huntington WV. During this appointment, the injured person may get a good idea of what his or her particular case should be worth.

About Whiplash

For example, whiplash is a frequent problem after a car crash, especially when a vehicle is hit from behind. Nevertheless, every case is different because of aspects like severity and the person’s general physical condition before the collision. When it comes to Car Accident Lawyers Huntington WV, residents can have their questions answered during an initial, no-obligation appointment.

Whiplash is usually considered an injury to soft tissues in the neck, such as the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. It may be classified as a strain or a sprain. Statistics show that about three million people are afflicted with whiplash every single year, so it is extremely common.

Skeptical Insurance Adjusters

Paradoxically, that factor of commonality often makes the insurance adjusters look at the situation with skepticism. They know practically everyone has heard about whiplash and how it is caused. They are concerned that this will lead people who have been in rear-end accidents to claim a whiplash injury even if no injury actually occurred.

Delay of Symptoms

Another problem is that men and women who have been struck from behind in a rear-end collision may not develop painful symptom for a few days. The insurer sees that as a red flag. An adjuster figures the person went to the doctor three days after the accident because the idea of claiming whiplash popped up. Unfortunately, diagnostic imaging tests like MRIs and CT scans do not always indicate a whiplash injury even when the doctor believes the patient does, indeed, have the condition. It may take an attorney with an organization like Stapleton Law Offices to resolve a claim dispute. Click Here to learn about this particular law firm.

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