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Sometimes a person is injured near a construction site even though he or she is not working there. This individual may have been walking by the site when something unexpected occurred, causing a serious injury. An Accident Attorney in Annapolis may be needed to sort through the complexities of this type of case and make sure the person receives financial compensation.

Blaming the Victim

The construction company or the insurer may try to blame the victim. They look for evidence that the person was walking too close to the site, ignoring barriers or watching from an unsafe distance. They may have caught this behavior on a surveillance camera or witnesses may agree this is what happened.

Employees Not Working on the Site

Another complicating factor would be when the person has been working on the project but did not happen to be working when the accident occurred. This man or woman might have simply stuck around after the shift ended to chat with co-workers. One or more of them may have been struck by heavy equipment moving on the ground or a heavy object falling from overhead.

The issue of whether or not this is a workers compensation issue may now come up. The Accident Attorney in Annapolis wants to know whether someone was negligent in allowing construction materials or tools to drop from a height, or whether a heavy equipment operator acted in error. It’s possible that the equipment operator arrived at work hung over or without getting enough sleep, and thus was not behaving as safely as required when running these enormous machines.

Getting Answers

No matter what the situation is when someone has been harmed by a construction site accident, having legal representation by an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group can be extremely helpful. Even when the company and the insurer are helping every step of the way, the injured person may still want to ask questions in a free initial consultation. Answers can be provided as to how much compensation is normally paid out in these kinds of circumstances and whether any of the person’s rights are being ignored.

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