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4 Important Reasons To Hire A Drug Defense Attorney In Athens TN After A Drug-Related Arrest

Today, 45 percent of the inmates in United States prisons are there for drug offenses. This number has increased dramatically since 1970 when only 16.3 percent of the inmates were there for drug offenses. The reason for this is that the U.S. has declared war on drugs and it has been effective. If a person is arrested for a drug-related crime, the first call they should make is to a Drug Defense Attorney in Athens TN. There are a few reasons why hiring an attorney who focuses on drug defense is essential.

They Possess the Necessary Expertise

When hiring an attorney, the individual should hire someone with experience and expertise with the crime they were arrested for. A drug defense attorney will know how to analyze the evidence that was used to get a warrant. If something was obtained illegally, the case could be thrown out. Working with an attorney who focuses on drug-related crimes can help secure a good outcome.

Challenging the Prosecutors

When a person was arrested on a drug charge, the prosecutor may seem like a bully. Their job is to convict the individual, and they won’t be nice about it. When the individual has a drug defense lawyer on their side, they will have someone to stand up for them and challenge the prosecutor when necessary.

Plea Bargains

In some cases, the individual would be better off agreeing to a plea bargain than try to fight the charge. A drug defense attorney would work with the prosecutor to come up with a fair deal. Since attorneys are master negotiators, the individual will get the best deal possible by hiring one.

Protect the Individual’s Financial Future

A drug charge can seriously affect a person’s future. A charge like this can make it difficult for the individual to find gainful employment. If this was the person’s first drug conviction, their attorney could work with the prosecutor and the court to have the charge downgraded so that a drug conviction isn’t displayed on their record. This isn’t always an option, but for the sake of the individual’s’ future employment, it is worth a try.

If a person is arrested for a drug offense, they should hire a Drug Defense Attorney in Athens TN. For more information, contact Chancey-Kanavos or Click here.

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