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Medical Power of Attorney: An Important Aspect of the Job of Every Estate Planning Lawyer in Lubbock, Texas

A medical power of attorney, or a healthcare power of attorney, is a legal way for someone to give a trusted loved one the right to make medical decisions for them. The individual can allow the person to take control, or a doctor can determine when help is necessary due to incapacitation. The person that accepts this role will be taking on a lot of responsibility, so it is important to carefully choose the individual.

Prevents Unwanted Care

People that do not want their lives extended when their condition is terminal can use a medical power of attorney to guarantee all medical providers understand their wishes. The wishes listed in a living will are only for specific incidents, but this document allows the person acting on behalf of the patient to decide what the right course of action is for any situation.

The person chosen must insist on the level of care their loved one wanted without any consideration of their own personal or moral beliefs. Only someone that has the strength to set aside their own opinions to ensure the doctors follow the wishes of the patient should take on the role.

Understands Medical Situation

When someone gives a name to an estate planning lawyer in Lubbock, TX, it should be someone that understands their medical history and can communicate effectively with doctors. The law does not allow people to choose their physician or any other medical caregiver as their medical power of attorney.

Knows Their Role

It is important for people to discuss the decision with the person they choose before they include them in any legal document. A copy of the medical power of attorney should go to a personal doctor to be kept on file. Another copy needs to go to the person named in the document. If a need for the person arises, the doctor can contact the individual. If an emergency takes place, the person listed in the document will have the paperwork with them so they can handle the situation.

Estate planning is not only for the wealthy. Many documents have nothing to do with wealth but are designed to ensure that wishes are honored no matter how ill or infirm someone becomes. To learn more about estate planning and the different types of documents needed to cover all potential legal concerns, contact us.

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