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Obtain Parental Rights by Contacting a Guardianship Attorney in Marion, IA

If you wish to have parental rights over the welfare of a child but are not the child’s parent, you may be considered a guardian. Therefore, you need to contact a lawyer if you have questions about your rights along these lines. If a parent cannot adequately take care of a child, a guardian can intervene to ensure a child’s welfare.

Two Types of Guardianships

When you speak to a guardianship attorney in Marion, IA, you will find that guardianships can be considered either limited or plenary. A plenary guardianship, or full guardianship, is usually what is needed for the care of a child. A guardianship for a child is usually considered involuntary as the status of a child as a minor makes it a necessity.

Appointing an Attorney to Review a Case

When you need the services of a guardianship attorney, you need to sit down with him or her and assess the need for a guardian and the current welfare of the child. If parents consent to this type of arrangement, an attorney needs to prepare the proper consent documentation. In other cases, a guardian ad litem (GAL) may be court appointed.

A guardian ad litem is a guardianship attorney who the court appoints to determine guardianship requirements. Normally, a hearing ensures where evidence is reviewed. This is done to determine whether or not a guardianship should be approved. The burden in this case is on the person who wishes to be a guardian to demonstrate clear and convincing proof that he or she should be appointed.

Who to Contact for Further Information

As you can see, this process may be involved or take some time. That is why you need to contact a qualified legal representative. This can be more easily done when you call a law firm such as. Doing so can mean the difference between a successful or disappointing outcome. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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