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Why Businesses Like Free At Last Bail Bonds Are Part of the Legal System

Georgia police departments arrest thousands of people every year, with the majority of those being for minor offenses. Prisoners and their families often know little about the legal system. That is why most of them call companies like Free At Last Bail Bonds. Their agents respond quickly, guide clients through all necessary steps, and help free them as quickly as possible.

Bail Is Part of the Court System

Basically, the courts developed bail as an agreement between their system and defendants. The accused is asked to deposit a set amount of money in order to guarantee that they will show up for a court date. Bail is usually set at a hearing soon after prisoners are booked into jail. Some jails are qualified to accept pre-set bail amounts immediately and then free prisoners who have been accused of minor crimes.

Bond Companies Make Bail Affordable

When judges set bail, they consider defendants’ histories and then decide on an amount. However, a bond as small as $2,000 can seem like a fortune to some defendants, so most get help from businesses like Free At Last Bail Bonds. A bond company makes it easy to contact them 24 hours a day, and prisoners’ relatives often visit the website in order to reach an agent. Regardless of what time clients call, bondsmen quickly begin the process of freeing defendants. They typically charge 10% of the bond amount. For example, a $50,000 bail would cost the client $5,000.

Agents Offer Personalized Service

Bail bond agents do not judge their clients and work with individual needs. They reassure prisoners and explain the legal steps they will go through. Agents make all sorts of financial arrangements in order to get clients freed. They may accept credit cards and collateral like deeds to property. Anything that is used as collateral can be claimed by bond companies if their clients do not honor their obligations to the courts. However, once cases are settled and all expenses paid, judges sign depositions that allow collateral to be released.

The legal system allows many newly arrested prisoners to go free in exchange for paying bail that guarantees they will return for court dates. Since most defendants cannot afford the entire bail amount, they pay a portion to bond agents, who guarantee the rest. Bail bond companies reassure clients and find creative ways for them to pay fees.

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