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Anyone, Family or Not, Affected by Someone’s Death Is Open to a Case of Wrongful Death in Paulding County

A wrongful death in Paulding County is a case that derives from an individual who died due to the actions of another. The “other” could be a company, such as a car manufacturer, or a construction company, car manufacturer, or specific individual. The lawsuit has to be moved through an attorney, who subsequently acquires all the parties who are involved in the case.

The common belief is that only family members are allowed to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Others think that non-family members can file a claim, but their chance of success is minimal. None of that is true. In the right light, a non-family member grossly affected by the negligence of another in a wrongful death can have a case.

Firstly, the term of “family” is not exactly cut and dry. The family obviously includes spouses, siblings, and children, but it also includes financial dependents and life partners. A putative spouse is essentially an implied marriage for when a couple has resided together for years, are engaged, or there is the community belief that they were married. The scope is expanded beyond family in a wrongful death case in Paulding County. This is an admitted gray area in the law. Some states do restrict it to family, while others open the case up wide for those affected. For example, a church leader may be financially responsible for some of the people involved in the church. A family friend may have been residing in the home of someone who wrongfully died.

Visit Website Domain for more information on wrongful death in Paulding. Schedule a consultation with an attorney to get an overall assessment of where a case may stand, and what opportunities may be available. Wrongful death lawsuits are particularly complicated. Some involve hundreds of people given the right circumstances, especially when a company is involved and the ramifications may extend far beyond one death in the community.

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