Steps for Getting Released from Jail with a Bail Bond

by | May 4, 2018 | Legal Services

The moment law enforcement officers decide to arrest someone and take them to jail, that person’s life changes. Being arrested often means having to spend at least one night in a jail cell, away from family and likely missing work for one or more days while the judge decides to offer a bail the defendant can afford. That’s the process people go through when they don’t know Bail Bonds in Atlanta are available to them.

How to Get a Bail Bond

The easiest way to get a bail bond is to get in touch with a respected loved one as soon as possible after the arrest. That person can then contact a company that offers around-the-clock bail bonds. It’s important to call first to ensure all necessary paperwork is available prior to going to the office. Once the initial contact is made, the bail bond representative will contact the court to find out specifics about the charges and how much it will cost to get the defendant released immediately. After loved ones fill out paperwork and pay the fee, representatives can arrange for defendants to be released from jail on Bail Bonds in Atlanta within a few hours. Visit website to know more.

What Happens Next

Getting a bail bond is not the end of the court process. It is merely one step. The defendant will need to see a judge, often the day following their release. They’ll be read the formal charges against them and have an opportunity to make a plea or get additional time to hire an attorney. A bail bond company may recommend an attorney to a client who doesn’t have one, but defendants are not required to use that recommendation. It’s crucial for anyone who has been released on a bail bond to attend all required court hearings. The bail bond company will ensure the client is informed of when and where they need to appear.

After leaving jail, it’s important for a defendant to keep in contact with Free At Last Bail Bonds in Atlanta until the case is over. Missing a court hearing could result in being arrested, and loved ones may have to pay another fee to get the defendant released on a bail bond.

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