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Top Reasons to Contact a Seasoned Bedsore Lawyer from Brooklyn Revealed

Older individuals and those with disabilities that limit mobility are more prone to pressure sores. This is why healthcare regulations have strict stipulations for ensuring that bedsores are prevented. Below are some of the top reasons to contact a seasoned bedsore lawyer in Brooklyn if a family member develops these pressure sores while under the care of a healthcare facility.

Why Some Patients Should Be On Special Bedsore Prevention Plans

Most hospitals and nursing home facilities have standby orders that nurses can trigger to help keep these patients free from any bedsores or skin tears during their stay in the facility. This is done by identifying which people are at risk. It is necessary to put these individuals on a round-the-clock turn schedule to keep pressure off of bony prominences like the tailbone, back, shoulders and hips.

How Bedsores Can Occur Even When a Facility Has the Prevention Protocols

It is frustrating when an immobile family member develops serious bedsores from lying or sitting in one spot for long time periods. This can still occur even when the care facility has the prevention protocols written into their standard nursing care plans that nurses manage.

First, the patient has to be identified as being at risk for bedsores. Next, the proper turn documentation must be set in motion and monitored by the nursing staff. Healthcare facilities that are understaffed account for many bedsore cases.

Find a Trained Bedsore Lawyer in Brooklyn

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