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Starting A Dog Bite Claim With An Accident Lawyer In Annapolis

In Maryland, dog attacks are often caused by a failure to maintain control over the dog. Pet owners must follow all city ordinances related to dogs to protect the public. A violation of laws or ordinances results in severe penalties. An Accident Lawyer in Annapolis assists victims who were attacked by a local dog.

Visiting a Doctor or Medical Facility

The victim of the dog attack must visit a doctor or medical facility. The assessment identifies the exact injuries sustained and their severity level. The visit will also generate medical records that are needed to support the victim’s claim.

Identifying the Dog

Next, the victim must identify the dog that attacked them if possible. If he or she knows the pet owner, the owner’s name and their address are provided to the animal control officer. The pet owner will receive a notice about the attack and must follow instructions.

A quarantine period is needed for any dogs that weren’t vaccinated for rabies. The duration of the quarantine is twelve days, and a licensed vet performs the assessment. The findings of the quarantine are reported back to the animal control officer.

Investigating the Attack

The animal control officer will investigate the dog attack. The findings determine if the victim is guilty of any crime or if they caused the attack. The victim would forfeits their rights to any compensation if they were breaking the law at the time of the attack. Animal cruelty, trespassing, and home invasions are common crimes linked to dog attacks.

What to Expect Through the Claim

The pet owners would face more liabilities if the animal was involved in previous attacks. Strict liability applies if the owners failed to protect the public from a dangerous dog. Under the circumstances, the dog owner must provide tort-based damages, too.

In Maryland, dog attacks are a common occurrence when dogs are mismanaged. However, the attacks can also occur if the dog is defending its home. The circumstances of a dog attack dictate whether or not the victim has a right to file a lawsuit. Victims of dog attacks contact an Accident Lawyer in Annapolis through the Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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