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Automobile accidents can result in serious injuries that could leave someone off work and in pain. If the individual was not at fault, they should speak with an auto accident law attorney in Spokane, WA as soon as possible after the accident. Within two or three days after it, the at-fault insurance company will attempt to question the victim about the accident on a recorded telephone call. They will also try to gain information to use against the victim if the case goes to court. Hiring an attorney will allow someone to focus on healing from their injuries instead of being harassed by the insurance company.

Washington has comparative fault rules. An injured individual may be determined to be partially at fault for the accident. This does not mean they are not eligible to receive a settlement for their injuries. A pure, comparative negligence approach will be used. If someone is ten percent at fault for an accident and is awarded $10,000 in a settlement, they will only receive $9,000. An auto accident law attorney in Spokane, WA can help an injured victim gain compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It’s important that a victim focuses on their recovery instead of worrying about speaking to an insurance company.

An attorney has outstanding negotiation skills and understands all of the tricks an insurance company may use in an attempt to reduce the amount of money they will need to pay for a claim. Injuries that are permanent in nature, like a broken bone, loss of a limb, brain damage, and disfigurement or scarring will usually result in a higher settlement amount. Even injuries that will heal, like a whiplash injury, could be compensated. There’s no need to be a victim to suffer pain as well as financial problems due to someone else’s negligence when they get the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Deissner Law has been representing personal injury victims for many years with successful results. If you’ve suffered injuries from an automobile or truck accident, a dog bite attack, a slip and fall, or any other injury caused by someone else’s negligence, contact an attorney for legal representation.

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