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Considering divorce should never be a decision that is made without careful thought. Pursuing a divorce can sometimes be difficult, especially if the other party in the marriage does not agree to it. Those who are seeking divorce need to get help from the Family Law Attorney in Naples. Working with an attorney helps to ensure the process of ending the marriage proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Understanding the Basics

The pursuit of a divorce involves several steps that need to be carried out precisely to ensure the marriage is legally ended according to the laws and regulations of the state the petitioner resides in. The state of Florida, just like other states in the Union, has specific laws that apply to seeking a divorce.

The first consideration is the grounds for divorce. This is the reason the petitioner gives for wanting to end the marriage. There are only two grounds that are accepted in the state of Florida, and they include:

• The marriage is irretrievably broken

• One of the parties in the marriage has become mentally incapacitated for at least three years prior to filing

When a divorce is being sought for a marriage that is irretrievably broken, and the couple has minor children, the courts can require the couple to seek counseling to see if their issues can be worked out. The court can also delay the proceedings for up to 90 days and can impose other requirements that are seen as being in the best interest of the children and family.

Get Legal Help

Seeking legal help is important when pursuing a divorce, even if both parties seem to be amicable and both want to end the marriage. Marriage is considered a legal contract and breaking that contract can have lasting ramifications. This is why it is imperative a person is represented by an attorney.

It is important individuals seek immediate help from a Family Law Attorney in Naples. Contact the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. right away so an appointment can be scheduled. With the help of a lawyer, divorces are much less stressful to go through.

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