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Seek Legal Guardianship in Las Vegas, NV for a Child’s Best Interests

Since the current celebrities have taken over the tabloids and television screens, it’s a shared, cultural family-affair when the rich and famous have children. The world seems to inhale any news about the goings on of the celebrities’ off-spring as though they’re watching the progress and growth of their own children. Along with the beautiful stories of kids who grow up thriving in the spotlight with their parents, there are also the scenarios that display a deep family dysfunction that pays a toll on some of those unfortunate heirs.

Punk rock singer, Kurt Cobain, and his wife, Courtney Love, were a prominent feature of the tabloids in the 1990’s. The birth of their daughter, Frances Bean, had all public eyes peeled when this celebrity couple displayed their loving bundle for the world to see. The behaviors displayed by these non-standard parents were not always of a role model variety to the world or to their child. From drug- induced behaviors and reclusive responses to the paparazzi’s invasive actions to lyrical displays of rebellion and darkness, the world’s straight-laced citizens questioned the parenting skills of this elusive couple. Within the workings of the law and before her 18th birthday, Frances’ legal guardianship was awarded to Kurt’s grandmother and aunt.

When intervention is needed for the best interest of a minor child, it could be time to explore additional legal options outside the parental jurisdiction to meet the needs of the less adept. It could be a smart move to seek legal guardianship in Las Vegas, NV to protect the rights of the younger citizens who cannot do it for themselves. Check out the website for Grant Morris Dodds and click here to preserve the rights of a minor by having the law work on their side when parents do not.

It is easy for the citizens of a community to see a reflection of their own family dynamics playing out right on the television screen or the tabloids of their era. It’s certainly the consensus of any loving family unit to want the best for their children, whether in the public eye or at home. Legal guardianship in Las Vegas, NV is prepared to intervene with the workings of the law to bring support to those who cannot stand up for their rights on their own.

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