An Attorney Can Help You Win Disability Benefits

by | Sep 20, 2016 | Lawyers

Those people that meet certain criteria may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Although the application process is complex, the basic criteria that must be met is rather straight forward; the applicant must not be able to earn a living due to the disability and the disability is expected to last 12 months or more or result in the individual’s death.

It is not mandatory but a Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City can be of significant help, ensuring that your claim is properly prepared and to ensure that any and all paperwork to support an appeal is complete and filed in a timely manner. A very high percentage of applicants make errors on their application or fail to attend to filing an appeal within the mandated time limit.

Appealing a denial of benefits:

There is no doubt that having a lawyer can help to avoid some of the common mistakes that can easily be made. If you submit the initial application yourself and it is denied, then is the time to seriously consider hiring a Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City to help you with the appeals process.

Although an applicant can simply ask the Administration to reconsider their decision, rarely does this get very far; the best chance of getting approved is after a hearing which is held with an Administrative Law Judge.

Once the initial application for benefits has been denied, it is up to the claimant to prepare for the appeal. The Administration is not responsible for gathering any supporting data, the responsibility for supplying all medical evidence subsequent to the initial application rests with the claimant.

Without legal representation many people simply do not know where to look for medical records or find it difficult to gather them. They are unaware of the complexities of the rules and regulations that govern the appeal; this of course is not the case when you go into the hearing alongside a seasoned disability lawyer.

A Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City can present your claim in such a way that the chances of approval are very good. You are invited to discuss your claim with a lawyer at the Grundy Disability Group. Follow us on our Google+ page.

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