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Reviewing Common Issues with Child Custody Lawyers in Lakeway, TX

In Texas, child custody orders are determined by either the parents or the court. Some matters require additional steps for assigning custody or awarding visitation. Reviewing common issues with child custody lawyers Lakeway, TX helps petitioners understand what legal avenues are open to their case.

Risks to the Child

Any allegations of child abuse, neglect, or criminal activities lead to investigations by child protective services. In a child custody case, the findings determine if the petitioning parent gets sole custody. False allegations used to hurt another parent could generate serious issues for the petitioning parent.

Paternity and Illegitimacy

According to the law, a father has the right to know his child. Any man that suspects that he has fathered a child has the legal right to start a paternity suit against the mother. Even if the mother didn’t list the father on the birth certificate, it doesn’t exclude her from providing visitation with the father. A DNA test is required to substantiate a paternity claim. If it is proven that the man is the father, then he has a right to seek custody or visitation.

Determining a Custody Arrangement

In divorce cases, the couple has the right to make choices about child custody. If they fail to reach an agreement, then the court intervenes when necessary. The judge reviews the living environment and income of both parties and renders a decision.

Setting Up Child Support

In the state, the preliminary child support order is 20% of the noncustodial parent’s income. An additional 5% is added for each extra child that resulted from the marriage. The support payments are paid at the first of every month. A failure to comply leads to the arrest of the noncustodial parent.

In Texas, child custody and support orders are officiated after divorce cases and in extenuating circumstances. A parent has the right to file a claim if a risk arises at any time. A father has the right to start a claim if they suspect that a child is theirs and wants to end the illegitimacy and claim the child. Families that need assistance from child custody lawyers Lakeway, TX visit us website for more info now.

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