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A criminal lawyer in Emporia KS helps protect the rights and the freedom of clients who have been charged with a crime. Without skilled legal representation, most individuals would be unable to effectively argue their case and maintain their innocence, especially in the face of substantial evidence. Although the law states that a person charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty, it often does not seem that way to the individual who has been arrested. It may feel like he or she must prove innocence instead of the prosecution having to prove guilt. Technically, the prosecution must present enough evidence to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Nevertheless, the person charged with a crime must be able to provide an effective defense against evidence that otherwise would be incriminating.

On rare occasion, an individual decides to act as his or her own lawyer in court. This is almost always inadvisable. Unless this person is extremely knowledgeable about the law and has experience working in the legal system, the prosecution will most assuredly be significantly more effective in court. Watching legal dramas on TV is not enough to learn how to defend oneself against criminal charges, and neither is reading books about successful criminal defense attorneys.

A criminal lawyer in Emporia KS not only understands the law, this counselor has access to staff members who handle various time-consuming details. The firm has access to the history of similar cases and how they were decided. An experienced lawyer knows the proper etiquette for behavior in court and often knows how different judges prefer attorneys to behave. An attorney with a firm such as Helbert And Allemang Law Offices also is better able to find and interview potential witnesses. Expert witnesses sometimes are useful, and they are not as likely to work with individuals as they are with law firms. Trying to represent oneself typically leads to discouragement and regret. Even with the impressive resources available on the Internet, it can be incredibly difficult for a layperson to build a convincing argument for a judge and jury in a criminal case.

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