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Many individuals involved in personal injury cases rely on a settlement to maintain health and financial welfare. They cannot afford to settle a case with a minimum payout. They cannot afford to lose the case. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT increases the chance of complete success and satisfaction with personal injury litigation. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT can secure a settlement for much more money than the plaintiff can when leading a case without some type of professional assistance. Insurance adjusters who tell personal injury litigants they can settle without a lawyer just want to payout as little as possible. Their goal is to tell the injured they are presenting the best offer. They actually negotiate the smallest settlements. A lawyer representing a plaintiff will not let that happen.

Personal injury claimants should stay away from a few other engagements that associates of insurance companies try to arrange. Insurance agents are known to ask to come to someone’s home to record a verbal statement. Their goal is to see if there are some details or admissions that can be used against the plaintiff in the future. Some statements can be misinterpreted and later used to deny a person compensation.

No statement should be made without consulting a lawyer. Insurance companies may request a medical authorization. This is not advised because it is only used to gain access to personal information. A medical authorization can give them access to employment and medical records, educational records, and financial information. They really want this authorization to see if they can find grounds for a reduced payment or a denied claim.

Clients may wonder what the true worth of their case is. The value of a case is determined by the circumstances. The magnitude of injuries, health prognosis, whether or not an injury is permanent, how badly damaged the vehicle is, and the rate at which medical bills are adding up are all factored in. Every case is different, and this is why a lawyer closely examines each situation to determine its true value. Contact the law office of Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP for a free consultation.

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