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Starting A Dog Attack Case With A Personal Injury Attorney In Rochester, MN

In Minnesota, pet owners face common liabilities associated with dog attacks. They must follow mitigation strategies to prevent these attacks and keep visitors safe. These strategies may include complying with local lease laws, installing enclosures, and separating the animal from others. The following typically happens when a victim starts a dog attack case with a Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester MN.

Starting an Attack Report

At the time the victim visits a doctor for medical treatment, the doctor must file a report. They must notify the animal control officer of the attack. The doctor must also release certain information about the attack specific to the dog breed. They must also describe the victim’s injuries accurately.

Quarantine Periods and Animal Control

The animal control officer will notify the pet owner of the attack. This notification identifies a quarantine period for the animal. The quarantine period is no longer than twelve days. A licensed vet will assess the dog to determine if the animal is dangerous. They must also review the dog’s vaccination records to ensure it is protected against the rabies virus.

Strict Liabilities that Apply in These Cases

Any dog involved in a previous attack presents a strict liability. This liability indicates that the pet owner was aware of a danger to the public and failed to take action. If the pet owner is found to be strictly liable, they must pay all medical costs for the victim in addition to potential compensation for pain and suffering.

The Fate of the Animal

The animal control officer reviews the report submitted by the veterinarian. If the vet determines that the animal remains a threat to the public, the officer may choose to have the animal euthanized.

In Minnesota, dog owners must follow strict laws that apply to all dog breeds. However, if there is a higher-than-average risk due to the animal’s breed, the owner must take additional steps. They must mitigate all risk that the dog could injure a human. Victims of dog attacks must contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester MN to file a claim or Click Here for more information.

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