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Keeping Civil Relations After Your Canoga Park Neighbor’s Dog Bites

Most victims can’t just move when their neighbor’s dog bites someone in their household or attacks their pet. However, they can uphold civility to maintain credibility and composure for legal proceedings.

Immediate Pet Removal is a Myth

People mistakenly believe a dog is taken away quickly and put down when it bites. In fact, law enforcement and animal control do not always intervene outside of fatalities. When your neighbor’s dog bites your pet or someone in your household, the animal could remain next door.

When Your Neighbor is Your Defendant

A dog biting incident between neighbors may stem from an owner’s negligence to restrain their animal to its property. Sometimes, a normal friendly visit goes awry. These complications produce highly emotional cases for personal injury attorneys in Canoga Park in dog bite cases with former friends, possibly.

You gain pragmatic advocacy when you acquire representation rather than expect neighbors to choose you over their pet.

Civil Non-Contact Works Best

Communicate with neighbors strictly through lawyers. If you strike deals for medical care without knowledge of full costs or outcomes, you could be obligated to stand by them. Worse, arguments could arise. If neighbors record you in the heat of the moment, then this unflattering portrayal could hurt your credibility.

Scott D. Oppenheim is one of the personal injury attorneys in Canoga Park dog bite victims can receive a free consultation with.

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