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Injury Victims Often Do Well to Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Granite City, IL

Many car accidents are relatively minor affairs that produce no lasting consequences. Simple fender-benders and other low-speed collisions tend to be easy to recover and move on from for all involved.

Unfortunately, some accidents in the area each year leave one or more of those affected grappling with serious injuries. Getting in touch with an auto accident attorney in Granite City, IL like the ones at the law firm of Becker, Schroader & Chapman, PC will always be prudent in such cases.

Auto Accident Victims Can Suffer Any of Many Types of Injuries

Cars and trucks today are far safer than they used to be. Automotive engineers have developed a deep understanding of how to keep drivers and passengers protected even when violent collisions happen.

Despite that fact, the possibility of a serious injury can never be ruled out when two or more vehicles collide with any kind of velocity. Some of the types of injuries that are most often suffered in such situations are:

  • Whiplash

The human neck is flexible and strong, but it is particularly susceptible to damage as well. When a vehicle that was stationary or moving at a low rate of speed gets struck from behind by another, the people riding in the car can suffer serious injuries in their necks. It can take a long time to recover from a case of whiplash, with painful symptoms flaring up all the while. Calling an auto accident attorney in Granite City, IL after being diagnosed with collision-induced whiplash will almost always be advisable.

  • Fractures

Seat belts, air bags, and impact-absorbing structures help protect the bones and internals of drivers and their passengers. A serious enough collision between two vehicles, though, can still leave one or more of those involved with a fracture or similar type of injury.

Attorneys Are Well Positioned to Support Accident Victims as They Recover

There are many other types of injuries that are commonly suffered by car accident victims. Consulting with an attorney will almost always be informative and helpful when a serious injury has been suffered as the result of an auto accident. Browse the website for more information.

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