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Here’s Why an Innocent Person Might Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA

People have to understand that a domestic violence lawyer in Carlsbad, CA can help both guilty and innocent individuals. Just because someone is arrested and charged with domestic violence doesn’t mean they actually committed a crime. False accusations happen more frequently than people realize.


Revenge is a popular motivation for false accusations. People who are mad at their partner or ex-partner might make false accusations against them. An accuser might recant after they calm down and see the damage that they are doing, but if the accuser doesn’t change their story, the accused is going to need a lawyer’s help to prove their innocence. Browse our website to get into contact with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Carlsbad, CA.

Restraining an Attacker

In some cases, people are attacked and end up arrested for domestic violence because of bruises that their attackers end up with. If a person is restraining an attacker, they might leave bruises on the attacker’s skin. The attacker might use the bruises to create a narrative where they are the victim. That can lead to the true victim of the attack being arrested. However, a lawyer might be able to prove that the bruises are consistent with a person restraining an attacker and trying to defend themselves.

Child Custody

There are times when custody battles just get mean and nasty. A person could be accused of domestic violence as a result of a custody battle. A restraining order might be issued against the alleged attacker. The alleged attacker might not even be allowed to see their children as a result of the allegations. A lawyer might be a person’s only hope of proving their innocence in such a case. Anyone who is falsely accused of domestic should never try to contact the accuser. The accused has to let the case play out in court.

Domestic violence is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, there are also people who take advantage of the criminal justice system and make false allegations. It’s important that people don’t end up labeled for life as violent offenders who engage in domestic violence when they were actually innocent.

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