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How a Personal Injury Law Firm in Norwich, CT Handles a Dog Attack

In Connecticut, pet owners are held at a high liability based on their role in a dog attack. According to local laws, the owner is required to secure vaccinations for their dogs. These vaccinations lower the risk of human contraction of the rabies virus. If a dog isn’t vaccinated, the animal could pose a risk to the public. A personal injury law firm in Norwich, CT handles dog attack cases for victims of these unfortunate events.

File the Report for the Attack

The first step for the victim is to file a report with the animal control officer. They can contact the officer directly or allow their physician to file the report. The officer needs as many details as possible about the attack, including the dog’s breed, location, and owner’s name when possible.

Does a One-Bite Ruling Apply?

No, the state of Connecticut doesn’t utilize a one-bite ruling. A one-bite ruling indicates that the pet owner is liable only after the dog bites a second time. This is not the case in Connecticut. The pet owner is liable regardless of how many times the dog bites the victim.

Quarantines and Assessments

Quarantines are required if the owner didn’t get the animal vaccinated. They must surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a period of twelve days. The vet conducts assessments to determine if the dog has rabies already, and they report their findings to the animal control officer, who then makes the final decision about the animal.

A Legal Right to Enter the Property

The victim must present evidence that shows they had a legal right to enter the property. They wouldn’t receive any compensation if they entered the property unlawfully. The victim must have permission from the owner or via the organization in which they work.

In Connecticut, pet owners must mitigate risks associated with their dogs that could present a higher probability of a dog attack. The owner must follow leash and vaccination laws to lower these common risks to the public. Victims of a dog attack who need the services of a personal injury law firm in Norwich, CT can contact Stephen M. Reck or visit for more information today.

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