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All through your working life, your employer deducts money that goes to pay Social Security benefits. One benefit is retirement income; another important benefit is disability insurance. If you are affected by a physical or mental disability that stops you from earning a living, you have the right to file a claim for monthly Social Security disability benefits. You would think that these benefits would be automatic; after all, you have worked and paid into the system for years. Unfortunately, Social Security doesn’t see it that way; a great number of applications for benefits are simply denied.

Appeal the decision:

Don’t think for a minute that you are the only person denied benefits, you are in good company. About two-thirds of all claims are denied. Don’t give up; hire a Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana and appeal.

Many applicants that are denied benefits simply give up; others start all over and re-apply from scratch. Both of these choices are wrong, if you are denied, never give up. With only one-third of all claims being approved at the initial stage, you know that the Administration makes numerous errors when reviewing claims.

Starting all over is not the best course of action either. If you reapply instead of appealing the decision chances are very good that you will only be denied once again, furthermore, when your lawyer finally wins your appeal for you, your back pay dates back to when you first applied, if you start all over your back pay will reflect that, it will not be as much.

Get legal assistance:

A Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana works on a contingency basis; you only have to pay an agreed-upon legal fee if the lawyer wins your case. Furthermore, the fees are mandated by the government; you only pay 25 percent of the back pay you are awarded up to $6,000 max. Your chances of winning on appeal are far better when you are represented by a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer.

If you have been denied disability benefits, you should hire a Social Security lawyer in Santa Ana to help with the appeals process. To discuss your case in detail, you are invited to contact Business name.

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