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Hire a Family Law Lawyer in Mason, OH for Child Custody Help

When a divorce occurs, determination of child custody can be one of the case’s most emotional parts. Custody is a primary focus for both parents in most cases, and there’s so much emphasis on custody hearings that couples often make mistakes that can negatively affect their cases. The child’s interests should be both sides’ priority, and they should be aware of the following four errors commonly made in custody cases.

Disliking Each Other More Than They Love the Children

Courts arrive at custody decisions based on a determination of what’s better for the children. Divorcing couples should not let their negative opinion of the other spouse be a factor in their relationship with the children. Parents shouldn’t speak negatively about the other parent in front of kids, and they shouldn’t post anything similar on social media.

Purposefully Denying the Other Parent Visitation

Some parents try to cut the other person out of the children’s lives out of spite or revenge. Courts frown on this kind of behavior, as it is rarely in the child’s interests. If a parent wants to hire a family law lawyer in Mason, OH and seek custody, they must prove that they’re willing to allow the children to visit and have a relationship with their other parent.

Refusing to Compromise and Being Petty

Both spouses should communicate openly during a custody case. Children should be taken care of at any cost, even if a parent has to make concessions. Visitation should be allowed, even if a parent falls behind on child support payments. Negotiations can quickly deteriorate, and parents seeking a custody agreement should present themselves maturely and calmly even when emotions are running high.

Making Unnecessary Life Changes

A parent in the middle of a divorce or custody case should not make significant life changes unless necessity dictates. Parents who change jobs or relocate may not be given custody because substantial changes often have a negative effect on the children’s lives.

Divorces are often complicated, and the complexity increases with the involvement of children. Parents seeking a revised or new custody agreement should consult a family law lawyer in Mason, OH for a case review. Visit website to schedule an initial consultation. There’s no time for delay when the children are involved so call today.

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