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5 Tips for Finding the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Mesa, AZ

If a person was arrested and is facing criminal charges, it is important to hire a criminal attorney as soon as possible. However, not all lawyers are created equal, and one’s choice in attorneys can have a significant outcome on the case. If a defendant needs a local criminal attorney, the team at the law firm of Janet R. Feeley, L.L.C., can help. Below, readers will find several tips to choose the right criminal defense lawyer in Mesa, AZ.

Choose an Attorney with Relevant Experience

Though it’s vital to choose an attorney who has been practicing for a long time, not all experiences are the same. When one needs a criminal lawyer, it’s important to choose one with relevant experience. For instance, someone who has practiced corporate law for decades may not be of much help when a person faces criminal charges.

Go to the Courthouse

Going to the local courthouse is a good way to find skilled lawyers. A potential client may sit through hearings, and if they’re impressed by a particular lawyer, they can ask for his or her business card at the end of the hearing.

Assess the Attorney’s Staff

Although attorneys and clients work closely together, it takes a whole staff of paralegals, secretaries and administrators to be successful in court. When choosing an attorney, clients should evaluate the entire legal staff to determine whether the lawyer is a part of a solid team.

Schedule an In-Person Meeting

Because attorneys and clients spend a great deal of time together, it is important for the client to be at ease in the lawyer’s presence. One should meet a potential lawyer in person before making a hiring decision, and most lawyers make it easy by offering free consultations. Take advantage of the offer and schedule a meeting to determine whether a particular attorney may be a good choice.

Rely on Instinct

Though a criminal defense lawyer in Mesa, AZ, is a professional, there’s still a human element at play in each case. When choosing a criminal attorney, it is important to choose someone with whom the client is compatible, as personality conflicts can cause undue stress. By trusting their instincts, one can visit this website and find the right attorney for their case.

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