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Getting Child Support in Port Jefferson Station, NY

If you and your spouse are separated or divorced and you have custody of the children, you may need help ensuring that you get the child support that you need. While some people will come to a verbal agreement about the amount and frequency of support that they will pay, this is often not the case. Even if you and your ex-spouse are amicable, it’s important to have legal documentation showing what they are required to pay to ensure that your child is taken care of.

Establishing Support

The first step in obtaining child support in Port Jefferson Station, NY is to work with a lawyer to establish the support that you will receive. It’s a good idea to hire legal help for this, as the paperwork can be quite daunting and you want to make sure that you fill everything out correctly, or you will risk your support being delayed. By using special software, a lawyer can make the calculations easily and ensure that your child gets the support that they need.

Enforcing Support

Even once the courts have mandated a specific amount of child support, it can be very difficult for some parents to enforce this. If you are unable to get the money that you need from your ex-spouse, then you will need to involve the court system. They are the only ones with the power to ensure that you get the money required. Again, working with a great lawyer will speed up this process and ensure that everything is filed correctly.

Fighting for the rights of your child and trying to get child support can be frustrating and difficult, which is why so many people get help with this process. It’s normal to feel like you are at a loss for where you can turn. If you need assistance or have questions you want answered, check out .

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