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Fighting Pet Owners After A Dog Bite With Injury Attorneys In Tampa

Tampa pet owners must maintain full control over their dogs at all times. Related laws require them to ensure their dog isn’t roaming free in public areas. These requirements are in place to reduce the probability of a dog attack.

Victims who sustain injuries after a dog attacks them have the right to file a claim against the pet owner. Tampa injury attorneys help victims with these claims.

Reviewing Strict Liability in Dog Bite Cases

Strict liability applies only if the dog causes extensive injuries or the dog has a history of violence. Any dog that was identified in an attack previously must be contained. If the dog owner knew of an aggressive temperament and didn’t secure the dog, they will be held at a strict liability. This indicates they are fully liable for the victim’s medical expenses and lost wages.

Does the Breed of the Dog Matter?

The breed of the dog isn’t necessarily a huge issue. However, there is knowledge of aggressive behavior in dogs that were predisposed to violence. This is plausible for any dogs that were abused or exposed to activities such as dogfighting. Pit bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers are the most common dog breeds used in these illegal activities.

What Happens After the Dog Bite Is Reported?

The victim must seek medical treatment for their injuries. The doctor who provides treatment must file a report with the county animal control officer. In most cases, the dog is quarantined to rule out the presence of rabies. This quarantine period can last up to twelve days. A licensed vet will review the dog’s temperament to determine if they are aggressive by nature.

Dog bite victims in Tampa file formal claims after receiving treatment. The assessment made by a vet could determine if the animal is euthanized. In terms of an injury case, the pet owner is required to cover medical expenses and lost wages if they knew about a history of violent behavior.

Victims who need help filing a claim should contact a Tampa injury attorney. Visit the Bulluck Law Group website for additional details.

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