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Deciding Whether It’s Worthwhile to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Jefferson County MO

Hiring a traffic Ticket Lawyer in Jefferson County MO should not be done in a panic. It’s best to calm down, consider the pros and cons, and figure out whether the cost of professional legal representation is worth fighting the citation.

License Suspension and Higher Insurance Premiums

Any violation that poses the risk of license suspension may well be worth it, as this can be a significant disruption in the person’s life. This risk usually arises when the person has accumulated too many points on the license, which are assessed after each moving violation. The points drop off after a certain amount of time has passed.

Another aspect the person may consider is that automotive insurance rates may rise significantly after two or more moving violations. Safe driver discounts no longer apply, and that may even be the case after just one ticket.

Speeding Tickets

In some instances, two speeding tickets is enough to result in license suspension. The National Motorists Association reports that some 40 million speeding citations are issued every year. Fewer than 5 percent of the drivers defend themselves in court against those tickets, with or without a lawyer. Traveling many miles above the speed limit and speeding in school and construction zones result in the harshest penalties.

Examples of Moving Violations

A person who has been charged with drunk driving will need a criminal defense lawyer since that is a more serious situation, with the risk of jail time and very hefty penalties. Aside from speeding citations, a Ticket Lawyer in Jefferson County MO typically handles infractions such as ignoring stop signs and red lights, texting while driving, and other similar citations. Some of these attorneys represent clients who have received citations for reckless driving and carrying an open container of alcohol in the vehicle.

Getting an Edge

For various reasons, having a lawyer from an organization like Wegmann Law Firm at the court date gives the person an edge. Traffic ticket attorneys have experience with traffic court and know how the judges think about different types of cases. They know effective persuasive tactics to get tickets dismissed, and points and fines reduced. They know how to successfully challenge evidence from law enforcement officers. Like us on Facebook.

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