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Bail Bond in Pontiac Is Available Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Being arrested and charged with a crime can cause lasting harm to an individual and family. Regardless of guilt or innocence, spending time incarcerated has many possible consequences, not only for the person accused but also for the family and friends. The less time lost sitting in jail the fewer harmful effects.

It can take days or weeks for an initial hearing, and months before an accused goes to trial. If bail is not made, all of that time would be spent locked up. Time in jail means jobs being lost and no paychecks coming in to support the family. For families living from paycheck to paycheck, the result can be no food, utilities can be turned off, and in extreme cases, even eviction can occur. The best result is a quick bonding so that no work time is lost and the family is able to resume normal living.

Having enough money to pay bailbond in Pontiac can be another problem. Many bonding companies have instituted several measures to help solve the problem. For instance, payment plans with low down payments can be arranged for those who qualify, as well as transportation for required meetings. Some bonding companies even make house calls to work with their clients to ease the entire process as much as possible.

Bailbond in Pontiac is available 24 hours a day in most areas. The best possible outcome is to make arrangements, post bond and get the accused out of jail and back home to their family and job as soon as possible. Some clients are back home in a few hours, at work on time the next morning and no one finds out except the family and the bondsman.

It is in the bondsman’s best interest to maintain frequent contact with clients throughout the time between being released and any eventual trial date. Attorney meetings, depositions and other required appointments can be coordinated through the bonding company to ensure nothing is missed. Failing to appear is a serious matter and can lead to being arrested a second time, thus further complicating the initial case.

One of the local bonding companies in Pontiac is EZ1 Bail Bonds. Available around the clock, their mission is to get the client released and back home with no delay.


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