A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart, FL Represents Clients Suffering From Psychological Trauma

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Lawyers

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL knows that a serious physical injury is definitely connected with depression. When the injury was caused by a traumatic accident, chronic anxiety and unexplained panic attacks can develop along with depression. People who have been harmed this way may begin to see life as scary and unpredictable. The situation shatters their previous beliefs about how their world should work.

Other problems also develop due to emotional trauma. The person may have trouble concentrating and may have nightmares that disrupt sleep.

Financial Compensation

For these reasons, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL sometimes asks an insurance company for financial compensation for these mental health issues. Mental health professionals recognize accidents that cause serious injuries as being a source of psychological trauma.

The lawyer may want the client to receive compensation for ongoing psychological counseling and for medication to manage depression and anxiety. Although emotional problems are not visible and tangible the way physical injuries are, they can significantly reduce a person’s quality of life.

Types of Accidents

A law firm such as Slinkman, Slinkman & Wynne represents clients who have been harmed in many types of accidents. One person may have been seriously injured in a scary car crash caused by a drunk driver. An independent contractor may have been struck by heavy equipment while working on a construction site. A customer shopping at a lumber yard may have been hit by a load of flooring that slid off an upper shelf.

Verification From Mental Health Professionals

The insurance company will want verification from a mental health professional that the emotional trauma is real and has led to a certain level of disability. The person may be less able to function in certain aspects of life because of depression and anxiety. Depression may make it difficult to care for children effectively, for instance. Anxiety and panic attacks may lead the person to avoid being a passenger in a car. That brings back terrifying memories and may even cause flashbacks. Visit the site to find out more about one law firm that represents clients in personal injury cases.

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