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A Domestic Violence Attorney in Temecula Represents Clients Dealing with False Accusations

A domestic violence attorney in Temecula represents clients who have been accused of abuse in the home setting. Sometimes the case is entangled with divorce proceedings as well. One type of situation occurs when an individual is falsely accused of domestic violence. It’s difficult to determine how frequently this happens. Some say it’s common, others say it’s rare.

A Sensitive Issue

Viewing accusations of domestic violence as fraudulent is a sensitive issue. This viewpoint seems to undermine all the cases in which someone was abused. A spouse or domestic partner accused of this crime justifiably feels wronged. This person is now at risk of a jail sentence, shame in the community setting, and of having little chance of obtaining shared physical custody of the children. Domestic violence attorney in Temecula can help those wrongly accused with the defense.

A Verified Example

According to New York Times, false allegations of domestic abuse are usually not suspected or confirmed. In this particular incident, women were claiming they were victimized so they would qualify for subsidized housing. The newspaper’s sources do say that these occurrences are rare.

Lack of Solid Evidence

Accusations of abuse often seem to be accepted without solid evidence. Human services agencies might advocate for a parent who claims to have been affected by domestic violence even if no police reports were ever made. Trips to the doctor for contusions or fractures may seem like proof but may not be necessarily tied to a partner’s abuse.

Legal Representation

An attorney with an organization such as the Law Office of Michelle Penna guides the client through the defense process, including coaching on how to behave in court if the case proceeds to trial. These cases can be volatile and lead to emotional outbursts that make a bad impression on juries and irritate the judge.

This is a charge for which people may feel decidedly uncomfortable about accepting a plea bargain since they must plead guilty to violent behavior against their family or those they live with. Anyone facing charges of domestic abuse may visit the website of one particular attorney for contact information.

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