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A Bail Bondsmen Service in Cleburne, Texas Helps When Judges Will Not Release Defendants on Their Recognizance

Under certain conditions, a judge will allow a defendant to be released without paying bail or posting a bond. This is known as being released on one’s recognizance. The judge believes the defendant will appear in court as required without the added motivation of refundable bail or the guarantee of a bonding agency. In most cases, however, either cash bail or a bond from a bail bondsmen service in Cleburne, Texas is required.

Cash Bail or Service Fee

The person acting on behalf of the defendant often cannot afford the cash bail and knows the defendant could not pay it either. This family member, domestic partner, or close friend must seek a bail bondsmen service in Cleburne, Texas. The service charges a fee that is a percentage of the bail amount, which is typically 10 percent.

Plea Bargains and Innocence

Without a bail bond service available, the defendant might spend weeks in jail waiting for trial. Many people choose to accept a pleaded bargain even if they are innocent because they are so anxious to be released. They now have plead guilty to a crime they didn’t commit. The plea bargain did not require a prison sentence, but it left them with a criminal record that could cause a variety of problems in the future.

More Positive Outcomes

If this defendant were able to be released from jail, more positive outcomes are possible. A defense lawyer might be able to convince the district attorney to drop the charges. A judge might dismiss the case because the defense lawyer pointed out problems with the evidence. In these situations, the person will not be burdened with a criminal history.

Starting the Process

It is extremely stressful when a loved one has been arrested and is not released without bail. Someone willing to act on this person’s behalf may contact an agency such as Rogers’ Bail Bonds to start the process for the defendant’s release. Most people have no idea how the bonding service works, and a representative is happy to answer all questions this individual may have. Visit us online for contact information.

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