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Why Seeking Advice from a Wrongful Death Attorney in Oahu Makes Sense

The sudden death of a loved one is difficult, especially when there is evidence that someone caused the death to occur. While no criminal charges are pending, that does not mean a loved one cannot pursue some type of civil action. This is where the advice from a wrongful death attorney in Oahu will come in handy. Here are some of the things that the attorney will do for the client.

Evaluating the Chain of Events
Before any type of suit is filed, it’s important to go over every detail of what led to the death. This may not be as easy to do as the client thinks. The wrongful death attorney in Oahu is in a position to collect all the available evidence and evaluate every action that took place. The goal is to determine if there are grounds for filing a wrongful death suit. Depending on what took place and how those events fit in with current legal definitions, the client may or may not have a case.

Pursuing the Case
Assuming the attorney believes that the chain of events is in line with the wrongful death statute that is currently in force, filing a suit makes sense. Before doing so, the attorney will help the client understand what could happen as the result of that suit. In the best case scenario, the opposing party may seek to arrive at some sort of settlement. Another likely outcome is a lengthy trial and possibly having the case dismissed for some reason. In going over the possible outcomes, the attorney makes sure the client understands what could happen and can make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed.

Protecting the Interests of the Client
Once a decision is made to pursue the case, the attorney will utilize every legal means to protect the interests of the client. That may involve sitting down at the negotiating table and working with the legal counsel for the opposing party to come up with an equitable arrangement. It may also mean preparing a case that is designed to ensure all the events leading up to the death are presented in court.

If a loved one has died due to the actions of another, visit today and arrange for a consultation. Doing so could be the first step in making sure the responsible party is held accountable for the actions that led to the death.

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