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Tens of thousands of unjustified homicides occur in the United States every year, and all leave real devastation in their wake. Losing a family member or other loved one by any means will always be painful, but having this happen because of the negligence or intentional action of another person is even more painful. When a wrongful death happens, the criminal legal system will typically seek to ensure that the responsible party is punished. Whether that actually happens or not, though, locals who suffer this way have other means of securing relief.

In many cases, it will mean working with the kind of wrongful death lawyer Everett, MA residents have so often found their own compensation through. Just as the criminal laws of Massachusetts provide for ways for punishing those who wrongfully cause the death of another, so do the civil statutes allow for the family of a victim to sue for damages. In many cases, wrongful death awards can amount to a million dollars or more, providing support and compensation for those who have been harmed through the loss of another person.

By working with a wrongful death lawyer, Everett, MA locals can be sure that the possibilities will be fully explored. In some few cases, an attorney might advise that a matter not be pursued further, with the expectation of a judgment or satisfaction of it being relatively low. In many more, though, an attorney working at the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass or another such firm will be able to help with the provision of a special, valuable kind of relief.

One reason for this is that the standards in play in civil cases are of a different kind than prevail at criminal trials. Instead of demonstrating beyond a shadow of a doubt that a particular person is guilty, a civil plaintiff will only need to display a preponderance of evidence supporting the charge. As a result, even in cases where a person is allowed to go free from further threats from the criminal system, a civil lawsuit can sometimes produce relief that will make a real difference.

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