Who Needs a Guardianship Attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA?

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Lawyers

A legal guardian is someone who has legal responsibility and authority over another person, who is called a ward. There are three basic kinds of legal guardianship. You can be the legal guardian of a minor, the guardian of a mentally disabled adult, or the guardian of an incapacitated elder. While there are differences between the different kinds of guardianship, the similarities outweigh the differences. That means they will all be ironed out by the advice of a guardianship attorney. The attorney will advise you on the different rights and responsibilities you have as a guardian. They’ll also make sure your guardianship is legally binding.

Different Types of Guardianship

The different types of guardianship have different amounts of responsibility. For example, the guardian of a child will be responsible for getting that child to school, to doctor’s visits, and everything else that is encompassed by raising a child. However, the guardianship of an incapacitated elder might be a wide range of different things. They might be in an assisted living facility and the guardian simply needs to sign papers and authorize the continued care. In other cases, the guardian will have something like power of attorney. A guardianship attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA can help explain the different types of care.

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Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is also something for which you might need a guardianship attorney. Power of attorney gives you the right to make legal, financial, and medical decisions for someone. It does not make you that person’s legal guardian, though. The differences are narrow, but they are real. You should work with a talented attorney to determine what is right for you.

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