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What To Discuss With Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers In Tampa, FL

In Florida, homeowner’s insurance policies provide protection for the owner’s investment. The policies offer funds for repairs or a complete replacement. When property damage occurs, the property owner files a claim through their insurer. If the insurer denies the claim, the owner files a legal claim with the help of homeowners insurance claim lawyers in Tampa FL.

Reviewing the Terms of the Insurance Policy

The terms of the homeowner’s insurance policy define what events are covered. The terms also outline the responsibilities of the owner and the insurer when damage occurs. Some claims are denied due to a failure to find the damage early enough. For example, some policies have loopholes that allow denials after a water leak isn’t discovered and mold spreads throughout the property. The review of the policy establishes if the homeowner was eligible for coverage.

How Much Damage Occurred?

The damage report is vital to the legal claim. It is necessary to detail what type of property damage happened and how much of a loss the owner incurred. Legal claims are filed to collect monetary damages, and a significant loss could present a high payout if the claimant wins their case.

Why was the Claim Denied?

The insurer must explain why the claim was denied. Documentation is sent to the homeowner for their records even the claims adjuster explains the denial in person. If the denial violates the terms of the policy, the policyholder has a viable claim against their insurer.

Reviewing Estimates for Repairs

Estimates for repairs are used in the claim and show the financial loss the homeowner incurred. If the owner incurred a total loss, they need an estimate from a contractor showing the full cost of rebuilding the property.

In Florida, homeowner’s insurance policies require the owner to file a claim to collect payments for repairs or replacements. A claims adjuster is assigned to the claim and determines if the damage meets the terms of the policy. Claims are denied by the insurer if the damage wasn’t caused by a covered event. Property owners who were denied benefits and need legal help can Contact us to speak to Homeowners Insurance Claim Lawyers in Tampa FL directly or to schedule an appointment now.

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