The Importance Of Hiring A Marietta Car Accident Attorney

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Personal Injury

People get into car accidents all the time. The vast majority result in no injuries to people or only minor injuries, but on average 32,000 people will die due to a vehicle accident in the United States every year. This translates into about 90 deaths per day on US roadways every year.

This doesn’t count the number of injuries that occur which can range from minor bruising and lacerations to serious injuries that require hospitalization. In 2013 the number of accidents reported to police across the country was 5,687,000. These types of injuries and loss of ability to work have serious consequences for individuals. According to the Insurance Research Council’s Study, in 2013 the average liability claim or injuries in these types of accidents was $15, 443, with a property damage claim of $3,231.

Insurance companies in Marietta, as well as across the state and country, are very careful about paying out claims. Having an experienced car accident attorney to represent you will be important to avoid common settlement mistakes and to have effective legal representation.

Mistakes Result in Lowering Compensation

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they will have their own car accident attorney assigned to your claim. They provide the lowest possible payout for an insurance claim. In most cases, the insurance company will try to make a quick settlement with injured parties that may have a mountain of growing medical bills.

The catch is that the settlement the insurance company makes often will not compensate you for future medical issues. Many people accept what seems to be a fair offer, only to find out they have double or triple the medical bills in the future. By talking to a car accident attorney, you will have a complete understanding of both your options as well as ensure you are fairly compensated for the medical injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering you have experienced.

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