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When the Insurance Company Won’t Cooperate — Contact a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Pontiac MI

Auto accidents happen every day. Many of them are minor, and everyone involved is able to drive away from the scene. Insurance companies typically pay these claims quickly, and owners are able to get their cars repaired quickly. However, when the accident is more serious, it may be more challenging to get a proper and timely settlement from a car insurance company. Before paying the claim, the company has to do an investigation. Depending on the severity of car damage and injuries, this could take a while.

While the victim is waiting for the claims adjuster to complete the investigation about the accident, bills might start to mount. With a stack of unpaid bills and injuries that prevent an accident victim from earning a living, a person only has a couple of options. The first, and the one the insurance company would prefer the victim take is to accept the low-ball settlement offer, pay the outstanding bills and move on. The other option is to hire a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Pontiac MI. An attorney may take a lot of the stress away from a victim by dealing with the insurance company on their behalf.

What the claims adjuster may eventually decide is really hard to determine. Unless the cause of the accident was very clear and witnesses gave statements to law enforcement officers at the scene, it’s possible the insurance company could deny the claim. If the claim is denied, a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Pontiac MI may advocate on their client’s behalf to get the claim processed correctly and get a check for the victim. Because personal injury lawyers don’t get paid unless they collect a settlement for their client, they have a financial incentive to work tirelessly on their behalf.

Accident victims can save themselves a lot of stress by consulting with the Law Offices Of Michael F. Plourde soon after the crash. An early consultation might give the law firm a chance to assess the scene as it was at the time of the crash and potentially even speak with people who may have witnessed the accident.

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