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Submitting a claim for Social Security disability benefits does not result in automatic approval, in fact, sixty percent or more of all applications are denied. Although there are numerous reasons stated, the most common reason for denial of benefits is a lack of sufficient medical evidence to support the claim. Other denials are based on the onset date of the disability, the Administration claim that it is too early to determine if it really is a disabling condition that will prevent the applicant from working for at least one year.

Social Security law in Kansas City is, like all laws, extremely complex. Regardless of what reason was given for denial of benefits, you will have no other option but to deal with the added complexity of the appeals process. Let’s face it, approval is of paramount importance, after all, without a steady income stream you are facing a very bleak future.

How a lawyer can help:

Those applicants that have been denied benefits have the right to appeal the initial decision. Although it is possible to take a case all the way to federal court, the typical appeal consists of:

   *   A request for consideration
   *   A hearing, and
   *   Review by an Appeals Council

Social Security law in Kansas City, as well as the rules and regulations that apply to disability claims are complicated; a layperson is well advised to hire a lawyer that focuses his or her practice on Social Security disability claims.
Throughout the entire appeals process there are multiple dates that must be met and a myriad of forms that must e completed and submitted to the SSA, without legal representation the claimant could face long delays or a denial of benefits altogether.
The disabled person has enough problems as it is; bills to pay, medical appointments and more. An experienced lawyer will represent the claimant throughout the process.

With Social Security law in Kansas City being so complex it is in the best interest of the claimant to engage the professional services of a qualified lawyer. You are invited to discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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